Hello! Thank you for coming to visit me here in my tiny slither of cyber space. My name is Juliet and I live in the city of Chichester on the South Coast of England with my husband and 2 lovely children.  I am a crocheter at heart and my daily mission is to never have idle hands, any spare moment I have I dedicate to yarn!  I am also an occasional knitter and gardener and the goal of this blog of mine is to inspire you to go out and live creatively, in whichever way works for you.

Why yarnistheanswer?

When I was thinking about a name for my crafty endeavour, I wanted something that would reflect my reasons and indeed, I believe, many other people’s reasons to crochet, knit and create in general.  I came to crochet during a difficult time in my life and the more I get to know the creative community, the more I realise that this is true of a lot of us.  Crochet in particular has helped me immensely, in fact you could say it has been the answer!  So that’s where yarnistheanswer was born, through a desire to promote the healing powers of playing with a bit of yarn and a hook. But, whatever your chosen creative outlet, let’s encourage each other to recognise the power that creating gives us to heal ourselves and others too.