Muddy Sunny

20180205_092343.jpgYesterday morning, after I had dropped my little boy at playgroup, I decided to pop down the road to the beach. The weather was bitterly cold with a nippy wind, but that sunshine was too good to resist. On this particular day there was a fair amount of mud and even though this path runs alongside farm land and is nearly always muddy, my spur of the moment decision meant that I was completely unprepared in the footwear department! Luckily on my way towards the beach the mud was completely frozen, so I managed to negotiate it pretty easily, however the journey back wasn’t quite as easy as it had started to melt by this point. I ended up walking so slowly to avoid slipping over, I’m sure I looked hilarious!

20180205_092506.jpgThis is a route I have walked lots of times before as it is very close to where my husband grew up and indeed where his mum still lives. I have memories of us as teenagers walking these paths together, oh how time flies! This particular field is mainly covered in grass at the moment, but during the growing season it’s usually filled with crops.

20180205_092804.jpgAs I made my way through the mud I started to notice that as the ice was melting it was making these beautiful shapes. What do you see in the picture above (apart from a whole lot of mud of course)? I noticed that one of the pieces looked a bit like a feather… or maybe a leaf?

20180205_093206.jpgI have lived near the coast for nearly all of my life and must have had hundreds of trips to the coast, but I still get a jolt of excitement when I get that first glimpse of the sea in the distance. It’s almost an instant thing that as soon as I’m there I feel all the tension and stress of everyday life leave my body, I’ll never get bored of that feeling!

20180205_093931.jpgI spent a lovely hour wandering along this beach, soaking in the sun and watching the wildlife (there are usually some interesting birds around here, but I didn’t manage to get any good photos of them). I am trying to make a conscious effort to have more mindful moments like this in my day, where I just take some time out to reset. We could all do with remembering to do this sometimes, I think.


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