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Hello again! Wow, it has been a while hasn’t it? How have you been, I hope all is well.

The last few months have been an odd time for me and my maker career. I’ve really struggled to come on here and talk about crochet and the creative things I have been up to and so I’ve ended up just staying quiet.  The truth is that I don’t really have a lot of confidence in my abilities with yarn and hook, I do it like so many of us, as a form of therapy to help with my anxiety and never really intended to make it anything more than that.

But then I became aware of this amazing online community of makers and designers who dedicate their life to working with yarn and a big piece of me was desperate to get involved. It’s a dilemma though isn’t it? Suddenly making public something that has been a personal thing that you do for yourself for so long. I have certainly struggled with it, because for me it opens up opportunities for comparison, competition and self doubt.

Instagram is particularly challenging for me and my tendency for self doubt. It’s so easy to get caught up in counting the followers and comparing amount of likes. I know also that a lot people, myself included, are struggling with potential ‘shadow banning’ or at least strange limitations on their account which affects visibility and therefore growth. This kind of thing seems very unfair and can be disconcerting, particularly when you see other user’s accounts dramatically gaining followers, likes and popularity; it leaves you wondering what you did wrong.

Social media is a bit of a double edged sword though and I have always known this, which is why I stopped using Facebook when I was 19 and haven’t gone back. It can make you feel amazing when a photo you post gets tonnes of ‘likes’, it’s life affirming and encouraging and makes you feel justified that you are doing the right thing. Popular accounts are mimicked, their photos studied and replicated to try and create that success for others. This quest and constant need to try new things to increase followers or to get that elusive re-post (where another account posts your photo because they love it so much) is addicting and ultimately, I think, destroys or at the very least damages creativity.

What I have come to realise is this. Instagram and other forms of social media aren’t everything. There are other ways to share your passion with others and connect with people and blogging is certainly one of them. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram has it’s place and I wouldn’t ever want to stop sharing my crochet on there. I think I just need to remind myself not to get caught up in the hype and popularity of it all and try and maintain a semblance of who I am and what I’m about while on a social media platform. To achieve a balance is what it’s all about.

So to help with this balance I will be on here a lot more often from now on, because I truly think blogging is a special art form which we are at risk of losing to instant gratification type platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. When I first started this blog I was so excited to share all my ideas with people and to have them share ideas with me. I have always loved writing too, so it seemed the perfect step for me and I know it still is. Blogging is something I want to have as part of my weekly routine and so I will be on here much more often from now on, sharing my crochet patterns and makes as well as other projects and thoughts about life.

I really hope you will join me.

Juliet xx

7 thoughts on “Sharing and creativity

  1. Great post Juliet, I completely agree with you. I’ve seen a lot of people posting lately about the struggle between making and sharing. A lot of them are taking time to focus on creating instead of posting, which I think is really healthy & important to revitalise your passion for the craft. It’s a hard line to tread & we all do get caught up in it. I lost my crojo a couple of months ago & have only just gotten it back, it’s been a long time since I’ve lost it, but revisiting my old projects as well as blogging helped me get it back. It’s nice to spread that creative energy across multiple forms, so I’m glad that you’ve found that blogging is helping you. Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to next. ❤️


    1. Thanks so much Ash. I just thought I’d share my thoughts about social media and the affects it can have on our creativity as it does seem to be a bit of an ongoing theme in the crafting community. I think there is a balance that can be achieved though which is what I hope comes across in this post. There are lots of ways to share and I think it’s healthy to not rely on just one platform. I’m really looking forward to blogging a lot more in the future 🙂 x


  2. I so relate to this. Anxiety is also a sneaky sod and we have to constntly remind ourselves to look with new eyes.
    When I post on Insta I don’t check it again unless someone comments and then a converstion is had.
    When I’ve sold some of my creations I fret that it’s not good enough blah blah blah. Now the stuff I sell I know is good and that’s the end of it LOL
    Happy creating and I look forward to your future bloggies 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your comment. Anxiety is indeed a sneaky sod, but it sounds like you have some good ways of dealing with it in relation to sharing your craft. I’m looking forward to sharing lots more on here in the future, thanks for stopping by 🙂 x


  3. This is such a great post Juliet… and so relevant to many people! Thank you for sharing. I too have had some kind of shadow ban on Instagram which is frustrating but it has made me reflect on what I want to achieve and refocusing to the actual making! I have always seen my blog as the main focus where real content can be shared… that’s my happy online place! 😊😊


    1. Thanks so much Eleonora! I agree with you 100%, Instagram can be useful, but it mustn’t take the focus away from the making. I am super excited about blogging, there’s so much more you can share in a blog post and you can write with much more authenticity too. x

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