Spring Forward blanket stitch: Tutorial

This tutorial is written in UK terms.

Skills needed: Slip knot, foundation chain, UK Treble stitch (US Double crochet stitch)

Begin by chaining a multiple of 3 plus 1 plus 3 stitches.  (This is so that you can begin and end each row with a single treble stitch, which will make your edges straight.  For this example I have chained 34.)

Row 120170511_113457_001.jpgWork a single treble stitch in the 5th chain from the hook, I’ve indicated above where your first stitch should be.  Then work one more treble stitch in the next stitch along.

20170511_113627.jpgNow you are ready to work your first slanting treble stitch.  Begin working this stitch in the stitch before your first treble as indicated above.

20170522_115743 (1).jpgWork the first part of this stitch around your two existing trebles.  This can be a bit fiddly, but just ensure you insert your hook into the chain stitch from the front (the same way you do normally) and then pull the loops loosely around your treble stitches. You are essentially working the treble stitch in the same way as normal, just pulling it around two existing trebles.  You should have three loops on your hook.

20170511_113903Then yarn over and pull through two loops, you should have two loops left on your hook.

20170511_113927.jpgThen complete your stitch as you would do normally by pulling a loop through the last two loops on your hook.  You now have a slanting treble around your two initial treble stitches!

20170511_114016.jpgSkip one chain stitch and work a treble stitch in the following chain, as indicated above.

20170511_114318.jpgWork another treble in the next chain along.  Then work another slanting treble by inserting your hook into the skipped chain, as indicated above.

20170511_114420_003.jpgWork the start of your slanting treble around your two trebles loosely, as above.  You should be left with two loops on your hook once you have done this.  Then finish the stitch as normal, just as before.

20170511_115028.jpgContinue this way until the end of the row.  You should be left with a single chain at the end of the row, see above where I have placed my needle.

20170511_115240.jpgWork one treble stitch in this last chain and fasten off.  Now we are ready for the second row so turn your work.

Row 220170511_115628.jpgOnce you’ve turned your work, attach your new colour **.  Chain 3 in the top of the first treble stitch.

20170511_115856.jpgThen skip one stitch, and work 2 trebles in each of the next two stitches, just like we did for round 1.

20170511_115923.jpgIn the skipped stitch, begin working your slanting treble over your two trebles in exactly the same way as before.

20170511_115951.jpgFinish your slanting stitch the way you complete a normal treble.

20170511_120316.jpgContinue working this way until the end of the row.  You should be left with a single stitch, as indicated above.

20170511_120410 (1).jpgWork a single treble stitch in the last stitch.  If you’re adding another colour then fasten off.  Turn your work and repeat row 2 until the blanket is the size you want.  That’s it!

** Note: if you do not want to change colours every row, then simply chain 3, turn your work and complete row 2 in the same way as written using your original colour.

20170522_142547.jpgAnd this is how your blanket will work up.  It makes a lovely fabric which is light and airy so really good for this time of year, but substantial enough for you to feel secure with it wrapped round you.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, if you have spotted any errors (this is my first ever written tutorial after all!!) then do let me know!  This stitch is fully reversible and has a lovely rhythm to it, so I really hope you enjoy trying it out.

Speak soon,

Juliet xx

p.s. If you decide to make a blanket with this stitch and you’re on Instagram, then do use the hashtag #springforwardblanket and tag me in your pics, I would LOVE to see them!

2 thoughts on “Spring Forward blanket stitch: Tutorial

  1. Colourful.Crochet

    This is such a lovely pattern Juliet! I have a pattern pretty similar, I love the crossed stitches 😊 thanks for sharing I might have to try it out!


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