Bits and bobs


Why hello hello, it’s very nice to be back here in blogland!  I will be honest with you and say that I’m not posting as often as I would like.  It’s mainly because I have been suffering from a fair few bugs of late which have stolen my ‘crojo’ (love that word!) and my ability to string words together coherently.  Also, hubby has been going through a bit of stress at work as he’s beginning teacher training next year, so there have been a fair few forms, frantic emails and phone calls going on to make sure we’re doing everything right, as well as lots of overtime to fit in lesson observations.

The above photo was taken on a little trip to a forest near us.  My hubby, son and I often walk there when lovely daughter has her swimming lesson.  It’s become a bit of tradition to do this, particularly as she doesn’t like us to watch her swim.  Our latest trip was so lovely, the sun was shining and we found this huge Redwood.  I do so love trees, their age and stature makes them seem so magical.


This little guy, honestly he really is the cutest.  This is my three year old son and his Duplo plane which he made all on his own, he was so proud!  It contains a motorbike and a pilot sitting proudly at the front there, which of course had to be Batman.  I love to watch my two kiddies play, it’s such a fascinating thing to see them formulate their own little stories and worlds.


Speaking of little worlds, my daughter is absolutely obsessed with Sylvanian families at the moment. She has a little rabbit family who live in this house in the little people’s bedroom and she is always setting it up for them so they can cook, watch television, or just sit and have a chat.  I absolutely love peeking in every now and then to see what she’s set up for them next.  Love that imagination so much.


Ohh, a little bit of summer on my mantle.  I noticed this morning that some of my Roses are in bloom in the garden so I thought I’d pop out and cut some for my first summer posy.  It gives me a lot of pleasure to see it there, I can’t wait for those warm days.


And here is my current crochet wip with a focus on that gorgeous texture, I’m hoping to make some serious progress with this blanket over the next few days now that I’ve found my crojo again.

Speak soon,

Juliet xx


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